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Positioned To Maximize Your Digital Marketing

At Rigel Marketing we understand that every business is unique and a digital marketing strategy should be unique to fit your business goals for the short-term and long-term. Every client is our partner and the interests of each business is put above ours. The goal of Rigel Marketing is to take all of our clients to where they want to be through efficient and cost-effective means.

Our Approach


Every project begins with an in-person or video meeting to learn about your business and goals. By learning the objectives of each project we can position a strategy for success based on determined KPIs.


After the discovery phase we move on to our 360 degree research approach. As we look at your current business and competitors we find what has been successful and where there are opportunities for improvement. We understand that each business is different which means that not everything that worked for one business will work for yours. That is why our research is so important so that we can find the key areas your business can take advantage of to meet and exceed the KPIs.


During production we ensure that projects stay on course and a line of communication is kept open between you and our project manager. All the work in the research phase sets us up for the production stage in which we bring the strategy and ideas to life.


In an ever-changing world it is important to stay on top of every change and not get complacent. Analytics and goals allow us to continually improve upon each project. What might work for one month might not work for the next month and we make sure that we are one step ahead to limit diminishing returns.

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