Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy is Outdated

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Developing an effective digital marketing strategy to promote your brand is essential. However, many people approach digital marketing like they are advertising on the internet of yesteryear, using outdated websites and ignoring new digital platforms. Brand owners and marketers must understand that the growth in mobile technology and social media has changed online marketing. This means that you must take the time to update your digital marketing strategy to stay competitive.

Your Only Online Presence Is Your Website

The first sign that you have an outdated digital marketing strategy is if your only online presence is a website. If all you have is a website to promote your brand, you are likely missing out on reaching many potential customers. Brand owners have to invest in new digital platforms to reach their target audience. This means finding out where your digital audience is and how to connect with them. For example, YouTube has become the second largest search engine after Google. Therefore, it’s possible that some of your target audience is using YouTube to research brands, instead of Google searches. Make sure you develop content on multiple digital platforms so your entire target audience can find you.

Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Second, your digital marketing strategy will suffer if your website is not mobile-friendly. An ever-increasing number of internet search queries are now conducted from smartphones and tablets. This means that if your site is not mobile-friendly, mobile visitors to your site will have trouble viewing your content. In fact, your content might not even load at all. Also, if your site is not attractive to mobile audiences, they will be less likely to do business with you, instead giving their business to your competition. Be sure to test if your site is mobile-friendly by using this great tool for free from Google.

Constant Hard Sell

Another mistake that brand marketers make is by focusing too much on advertisements and not enough on building brand awareness. Many consumers want to feel like they can trust the brands they do business with. This means that you have to first build trust with your target audience. A good way to build trust with consumers is to offer value-added information about your brand, not just sales pitches. Demonstrate how your products or services meet their needs. Many consumers will ignore digital content if it just looks like advertisements or spam. Make sure that your ads are more of a soft sell.

Limited Or No Social Presence

Finally, if your social media presence consists of Facebook only, you need to update your digital marketing strategy. Yes, Facebook is the most popular social media platform with well over one billion active users. However, you should consider other major social media platforms as well. For example, if your audience is young, you might create a Snapchat account to better connect with them. If lots of pictures would help your brand, add an Instagram account. Since YouTube has become a major search engine, it’s a good place to share quality videos. Remember, it’s very unlikely that you will be able to reach all of your target customers with one social media platform. But be sure that with multiple social media platforms comes more time to create content specific to that platform. Do not just post the same sized image and text across all platforms as this shows your brand is lazy and offers little value to follow all your networks.

In short, if you are guilty of one or more of these mistakes, then your digital marketing strategy could use some updating. Your brand’s digital marketing strategy must go beyond traditional SEO. More people are accessing online information with mobile technology and from different platforms. If your content is not mobile-friendly, your brand will likely get ignored and lose value. Your content should stay fresh and offer valuable information to your audience. This will build your brand’s trust with consumers. Remember, Facebook by itself is not an effective social media strategy because not all of your target customers are looking for your brand on Facebook.

Written by Justin Gutkowski · · General, Marketing Strategy, Social Media