Social Media Marketing

Generate more fans, engagement, and revenue with the right social media strategy


  • Strategy Development
  • Social Platform Setup
  • Content Creation
  • Content Seeding & Distribution
  • Organic Social Outreach
  • Editorial Calendar Creation
  • Contest Development and Deployment
  • Social Monitoring & Analytics
  • Training & Consulting


  • Exploration
  • Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Execution
  • Analysis & Reporting

In the exploration stage we learn about the client's entire business, website, social presence,and competitors in order to provide a clear framework for the entire project.

Project Brief

Define client social media and business goals with required information to create a strong starting base.

Social Audit

Create a baseline for social performance currently based on analytical data and social media monitoring.

Audience Research

Use tools to identify target audiences and their sizes based on keywords, interests, and influencers.

Competitive Analysis

Determine competitors across all social media outlets to identify opportunities and risks based on active research.

Create an all-encompassing social media marketing strategy that outlines deliverables and client goals.

Profile Strategy

Create an actionable strategy and plan to develop or optimize social media profiles across all platforms.

Content Strategy

Create an evergreen content calendar that will be used for social campaigns that exhibits client’s goals. Content calendar will be ever-changing to adjust for performance.

Engagement Strategy

Define guidelines for engaging with users and creating a social media voice that aligns with the client’s business. Reach out to influencers to leverage their network for increased content distribution.

Advertising Strategy

Develop a paid social marketing plan to assist in client goals which might include community growth, engagement, lead generation, conversions, or something else.

Measurement Planning

Discover short-term and long-term client goals with social media marketing. Plan a measurable strategy for evaluating campaign performance.

When generating social media content it is important to give each image, text, or video a unique and creative voice that matches your business in order to keep users engaged.

Content Creation

Following the social media strategy based on business goals outlined in the exploration stage create posts, photos, video, and paid media geared towards the brand.

Website Content

Ensure that the website and landing pages for any posts with links are adequately built to track users and push users towards the business goals.

During the execution stage we implement the recommendations and content outlined in order to hit campaign goals.

Content Implementation

Following social media best practices and the social strategy, distribute content to appropriate social networks.

Advertising Implementation

Adding advertising campaigns on social networks can help accelerate social media goals  and brand recognition. If necessary, begin campaigns and continually adjust in order to meet client goals and budget.

Community Management

Assist in the communication between users and the brand to align with the engagement strategy.

With regular reporting of in-depth analysis, KPIs, and goal tracking we can adjust the strategy and campaign for maximum results.

Monthly Performance Report

Analyze and report performance of all active social media campaigns relative to current and future business goals. Included is the social calendar and engagement strategy for the following month so that social channels can continue growing without interruption.

Quarterly Review

Full and unfiltered overview of social media campaigns along with adjustments to be made to current project based on the results.

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